Oprah Turns 200

Oprah and TomI knew something was up seven months ago when I was at the gym, huffing and puffing away on the Stairmaster, I looked up and there on the flat screen TV was Oprah Winfrey trying to squeeze onto a snowmobile as Tom Cruise took her for a ride around his Telluride, Colorado home.

Actually Oprah got onboard first and then Tom tried to wedge himself into the small bit of the saddle still remaining, it took sometime to accomplish this and for whatever reason none of the wedging and squeezing was edited out.

I watched in amazement. I had not seen Oprah in quite sometime, but that one moment left no doubt that svelte Oprah had given way, yet again, to ample Oprah.

I groaned at the thought of the gravity of comfort food once again capturing America’s talk show megastar in its mighty grip.

Anyone, such as myself, who has battled with yoyo weight gain knows that the fight to get slim and stay slim can be a very tough. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have your every move photographed and studied and to lose your willpower in front of millions of viewers and fans.

This is, after all, the Oprah of 1988, who danced on screen to celebrate her slender shape in a pair of Calvin Klein jeans; and the Oprah who came on stage dragging a wagon full of liquid fat to dramatically illustrate just how much weight she had lost. Not to mention the Oprah who had touted the diet and exercise advice of that great guy and fitness guru, Bob Greene, with whom she had co-authored a “you too can do it” tell all based on their fantastic weight loss plan.

Are we all doomed to gain back what we thought we lost? Sadly there’s better than an 80% chance that we will. But hey, most of us have not amassed great wealth, it doesn’t mean we stop trying. My fat clothes have been in the back end of my closet for three years now. That’s a good run; maybe a record.

When my weight starts heading upward I get a few “friendly” jibes such as, “putting on a little weight for the winter?” or, “looks like you know how to enjoy a good meal.” But Oprah, God love her, gets bags full of mail with advice that ranges from low-cal meal plans to “accept your body as God meant it to be: fat is fabulous.”

For me it makes Oprah all the more loveable. Not to mention when I turn my back on high calorie foods it’s stuff like Oreos, or a store-bought pumpkin pie. Oprah, on the other hand, has to walk away from desserts to die for, bountiful buffets, and gourmet snacks galore. I haven’t spent much time around celebrities, film sets and television studios, but I’ve spent enough to tell you that food is everywhere and a “bagel with a shmeer” is the least of your worries.

I’ll be rooting for Oprah. She’s a good soul, with a healthy appetite. I hope she loses those extra pounds for the sake of her health, and when she does I hope she passes on dragging the fat wagon back on stage.  We’ve seen the dozens of pounds of ugly fat, we don’t need to see it again. Oprah back in those slim fitting jeans with room for two on that snowmobile in Telluride more than makes the point.

Martin Brown

Money Channel Editor – SingleMindedWomen.com