Passenger’s Rights: Oh Hell No!

That was the response of the Federal Government this week, declining a bill that would have granted airline passengers the right to water, fresh air and food on flights stalled over three hours.

Airlines were quick to laud the demise of the bill as a “victory for airlines and passengers.” 

How can the right to deny passengers fresh air, food, water and clean toilets be a victory for passengers?  Does this sound like, “slavery is freedom?” or something similarly Orwellian?

It reminds me of a statement made online by a flight attendent in an interview about what passengers should expect.  “Don’t expect clean blankets, water or food,” he said.  “If we have them, we’re glad to share but don’t expect us to be Seven Eleven.”

Hey folks, we’re not talking about double lattes and cheese puffs!  We’re talking clean water and blankets at seven thousand feet for flights that can last over seven hours.

These days my strategy for flying is that I realize it’s going to suck and if it doesn’t, I’m pleasantly surprised.  I do as my friend and fellow traveler, Matt Link suggests, I close my eyes and pretend I’m not there.

But in this case, none of us should close our eyes.  SMW flyers, get in touch with your congressman/woman and demand the right to water, air and a ladies room that works!

For More Information on How to Say “Hell No” Back, Contact:

The Coalition for an Airline Passengers Bill of Rights (CAPBOR), the largest non-profit consumer group for airline passengers in the U.S. with 21,900 members since being established February 10th, 2007. For more information email

 Website: Hotline: 1-877-FLYERS6.

Gretchen Kelly
Escapes Editor