Picture You, the Mistress of Your Health

tmorris2_small.jpgWhether you roll over in the middle of the night to a pillow, a sleeping baby, or a grown-up bed partner, single women share many of the same concerns about their own health and well-being.

We’re here to help you feel less alone through it all — the mundane adventures and the catastrophic crises.

Since the advent of the Internet, how women find and look at health information has changed drastically. So many resources to choose from — how can you tell which one is right for you? We’ll be culling through what’s out there — the websites, the news reports, the experts, and the research — to give you the heads-up on brand new data and clarify what you’ve already heard about getting and staying healthy.

On Single Minded Women, we look at health from a holistic perspective — it’s all in there: your mind & spirituality, your body & relationships. Every component of You needs tending to, whether that’s to nurture and bring out the existing goodness or to heal the hurts.

Health is about being the Mistress of your existence, in charge, in balance, inside and out. Our bodies respond to life’s circumstances and to our own minds. Sometimes, we can really pull the rugs out from under our own feet. With the right information and support, we can gather our own strengths to get and stay on top. Are you already an Expert by Default in some realm of health? I invite you to share with me via email or with the whole SingleMindedWomen Health community in the forums. Questions about health and related topics? I’ll pass them on to our experts for response online.

We know that single women, even those with partners, often feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. Our articles, experts, and community are here to lift it a little so you can keep moving forward in whatever journeys life opens for you.

Tracy Morris, SMW Health Channel Editor