Power Couple or Family Guy?

taiHi Ladies-

I have some good news! …I decided not to recap last night’s episode of “Holidate.” (Trust, I’m shouting “hallelujah” with you!) I found “recapping” boring (so out of character for me), the entries waaaay too long and wordy for this former editor (or any blog-skimmer for that matter.) And while “recapping” each (and every) episode of Soapnet’s Holidate wasn’t my or Christian’s idea, as your fellow fearless single-minded women, we tried and were up to the challenge but sadly my first two entries (and you the wonderful reader) suffered.

Prior to watching last night’s episode of Holidate (Episode 7) my creative juices just didn’t seem to flow around the topic of dating and being single – the subject to which this entire site is dedicated, the subject of my own extremely-out-of-the-box-and-character-experience as one part of the serial-dating-guinea-pig-duo who taped the pilot and premiere episode of Holidate in April. Imagine that!

I’m letting bygones be bygones. (And I hope you will, too.) Instead of paraphrasing the hour-long episode take-by-mushy-or-standoffish-take (which you can catch as a rerun on Soapnet this week), here the brief synopsis of what happened, lifted from handy Soapnet press release (Thanks Team Mitch!):

“In episode 7, Jen, and administration coordinator from Philly, swaps places with Nicki, an esthetician from Seattle. After a failed relationship, Jen is a little cautious about jumping into the dating pool again. She goes out with three dates – including a creative agency copywriter, a software developer and firefighter in and around “Emerald City.” Some of the dates include a kayak rid to Agua Verde Café, a stroll through Pike’s Place Market and a visit to the Space Needle. Will she find a “down to earth guy who is athletic, adventurous, and enjoys outdoors?” Meanwhile, recently divorced Nicki searches for her perfect man – “driven, smart and doest take longer than her to get ready.” She goes out with an account manager, a corporate lawyer and a pharmaceutical sales rep. They go on a horse-drawn carriage ride, visit an aquarium and tour Waterworks in the City of Brotherly Love.”

It’s that simple (and I saved us all from yawning from my 1000 word entry.)

In watching Episode 7, however, a question that came up that I’m certain all of us “single ladies” consider and have discussed with our girls is:

What type of guy do we really want? If we had to choose (and not that we want to or should have to, but) …do we want him to be more Career-Oriented OR Family-Oriented? And why?

Nicki, the face-forward, dutiful esthetician demands a man with drive and passion for hard work. She admits to preferring a more corporate type. While Jen, the “sheltered”, small-town administrative assistant, with traditional values who admires her parent’s lifelong marriage, wants a man who’s more into family than an office. Hmmm… Is this an odd case of like attracts like I wonder? Or does a woman usually look to find a (counter) partner in home or profession?

As a modern traditional woman who is entrepreneurial but loves my family, it’s hard for me to choose one or the other. I hope to find a partner who will challenge me intellectually and professionally to be my best and become even better. Yet I’m also hopeful that he’ll enjoy changing diapers and cooking dinner on occasion, if not regularly and that he’ll relish in dropping the brood off at school, running my bath water, going to church, visiting my parents, hanging with my friends…

Just kidding! Okay, maybe not…but if I was forced to choose, I’d say I am most attracted to men (at least at first) who make power moves professionally.

So tell me, single ladies, what about you? Are you a Family-Guy kind of woman? Or a Partner in Power-Coupling kind of lady? And please share why. I look forward to reading your responses here.

Peace & Blessings,


1/20 Season 1 Holidate-rs



To fellow singlmindewoman.com “Lucypunched” I read your comment at the end of my last entry. Thanks for the feedback but it wasn’t nice! In fact, it was quite harsh. As I explained above, Christian (my beautiful and very smart) co-talent and I were asked to recap the episodes. Not easy to make a “recap” sound interesting and witty (as I am sure you will attest) because it’s like a replay but not instant. SMILE. At any rate, I hope you forgive us for our “nit wit” entries and that this latest Holidate entry encourages you to catch a rerun of the show on Soapnet or at the very least is thought provoking. BTW, this was a lot more fun to write, too. Cheers!

Dear Tai and Christian,

On behalf of SingleMindedWomen.com we wanted to thank you both for taking the time to recap the episodes of Holidate for our readers…truly not an easy task! Nor is it easy to put yourself out there for the world to see and scrutinize. We hope your experience on the show was positive and that new opportunities come your way.

Our very best to you both!

With sincere gratitude,