Prescription Pain: Your Health, and Your Money

Angela Rees never gave much thought to the cost of a medication. Angela, who is 31, single, and a self-employed graphics artist, remembers the annoyance she felt when she needed an antibiotic and would get sticker shock when she would be presented with the bill at the pharmacy payment window.

“I’ve got insurance,” Angela explains, “but I cover myself on an individual plan which means the deductible is pretty big and the drug coverage is pretty much nonexistent.”

Being presented with a $160 bill for a new powerful antibiotic was annoying, but it happened rarely and once she felt better she forgot about the expense and went on with the business of living her life.”

But things changed for Angela two years ago when she began having persistent stomach discomfort. Her problem was a particular type of ulcer that as Angela relates, her mother suffered with as well. But unlike thirty years earlier when Angela’s mom faced the same diagnosis, there is now a new drug that would ease her discomfort and prevent the disease from creating additional complications. The only draw back for Angela was the cost of the medication.

And after a few months of $400 plus drug costs, Angela realized she needed to do something different. ..Read how you can reduce the cost of prescription drugs here

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Allison O’Connor