Randy Radar: The Pocket Slutometer

pocket-slutometer.jpgNotches on the bedpost are soooooo last century, ladies. Apparently the new log for your love (okay, lust) conquests is the Pocket Slutometer. This British gag (seriously, gag) gadget emits a congratulatory siren and cheers as you rack up hook-ups, although aspiring Jenna Jamesons should be aware that the counter is limited to the triple digits. As a single gal with a sense of humor, I can mildly appreciate the frat boy hijinks behind the Slutometer, a bachelorette party-ready novelty that might be amusing for a girls’ night out on the town before winding up in the trash.

But calling the female booty barometer a Slutometer while guys get the Studometer? That deserves a bleep, not a beep.

Enough about lascivious toys. If you’ve got a stack of ribbon-trimmed wedding invites piled on your counter, this week’s feature, Your Best Friend’s Wedding: Say ‘I Do’ To These Chic Frocks, will be a godsend – because the only thing worse than having to wear a lime green lace bridesmaid gown is being the clueless guest who showed up to the black-tie reception in an off-the-rack sundress.

-Erin Donnelly, Your Looks Editor