Reinventing Yourself on the Weekends

peace-love-stonescopy-250.jpg You’re a single mom…there you’ve said it, not too hard. It’s been a bit of an adjustment period and uttering those words about yourself, seems less strange as each day unfolds.

But after being 100 percent Mommy 24/7 to your kids, now you share custody with your ex. And honestly, the weekends, when your kids are with their Dad have been anything but, fun and fancy free.  You feel so out of sorts…your house normally a carnival of sounds, smells, and activity, on these child-free weekends is now filled with silence. There are no kids asking you to fix them lunch, or imploring you to play their SpongeBob DVD. There’s no one squealing that they want to eat breakfast at 6am on a Sunday morning or climbing inot bed to snuggle up with you just so they can lure you out to fix them a btach of blueberry pancakes.

So how do you get over those initial weeks when you’re alone and you miss your kids desperately, even those behaviors that normally might cause you to feel like locking yourself in the bathroom, and turning on your blow-dryer to drown out their usual antics, are the behaviors you have now come to crave when they’re not with you? You read about Katherine Lee’s tale of reinvention, after her husband checked out of her marriage, and left her and her baby son, for another woman. Her story illustrates what so many single Moms go through during those first initial weekends without their kids; that although her life has taken her in an unchartered direction, there have and continue to be  some very pleasant and unexpected surprises along the way.

And if you’re a single Mom who has had to move in with your Mom–following your split from your ex– Dr. Savitri Dixon-Saxon has some helpful tips to help you get over the hump–and keep your Mother-daughter relationship intact.

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Melissa Chapman

 Family Channel Editor, Single Minded Women