Scratch & Sniff Your Way to People’s Sexiest Man Alive

Boy, those folks at People sure do know what a single woman – or heck, any woman or gay man, really – wants. For their new Sexiest Man Alive issue, starring Hugh Jackman on the cover (eh), they’ve created a scratch-and-sniff portfolio of other dashing fellows that will bring us one step closer to some hunka hunka burning love.

Sadly, there’s no popcorn or pickle scent like our scratch-and-sniff stickers of old. Here’s what the guys chose to delight our olfactory nerves with:

Hugh Jackman Sexiest Man AliveChris Meloni: “A day at the beach”

Chace Crawford: “Fresh-cut grass”

 Taye Diggs: “Vanilla, chocolate, sandalwood, and musk essential oils”

Michael Phelps: “L’Homme YSL”

Interesting. Taye’s scent seems on the money, but we’d have pegged Michael for a chlorine-and-dirty-Speedos kind of guy. And the beach for Chris? I expected something a little (okay, a lot) grimier. “SVU” only goes to the beach when a hooker washes up on Far Rockaway Beach, right?

Fess up: What would your ultimate scratch-and-sniff scent be? And do you think People got their hunky picks right?

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-Erin Donnelly, Style Editor