Sex and the Single Woman: We Have Nothing to Fear…

…but fear itself. I bet when FDR spoke those immortal words, he had no idea he was talking about relationships.

The topic of the hour is what I fear in relationships. Oh, where to start. I am scared of the normal things like committing to the wrong guy, infidelity, etc.

But I think I am also scared of a relationship that could actually work.

Time and time again the same guy pops into these posts. I’ve never revealed his identity, but he has kind of been like a Mr. Big to me–always popping in and out of my life. He is the guy my friends would happily see me marry, but who I can’t convince myself to open up to.

So, ladies, I’m left wondering: should I listen to my instinct or is my instinct all wrong? Do I legitimately not like him or am I just making up excuses?