Sex & the Single: The Beginning of the End?

I’ve been a victim of the dating world long enough that I am starting to see trends develop. As someone who is morally opposed to organized research of any kind (Okay, so I had a rough time with a few stats courses in college), I normally shudder at the thought of the chaos of my life having any order whatsoever. Alas, sometimes we can’t ignore the truth.
When I was a senior in high school I had a very good friend who happened to be a guy. We became close friends in a very short period of time, and right before I graduated I found out that not only did my girlfriends think I was secretly dating him, they happened to hate him. A lot.
We went away to college and like many high school friendships, things faded out in due time. I haven’t spoken to him in many years, but occasionally I think back to that time in my life when we were so close.
In typical cyclical fashion, a similar incident happened my senior year of college. I developed a crush on a guy, but after realizing he didn’t want a girlfriend and it would be catastrophic if we ever dated, I happily settled on becoming very good friends with him.
We are still close friends who talk almost daily, but many of my girlfriends from college have made it clear that they are not okay with this guy. While their reasons are more understandable — he’s made a few mistakes and I don’t know if I would endorse any of my roommates having a close relationship with him — I still trust him and realize he is someone who makes me happy. Is that so bad?
So if our lives really do follow trends, eventually I will lose contact with him and only be left with the memories of the days we talked about our future post-graduation and the nights we celebrate being young.
Already I’m nostalgic.