Sex & the Single Woman: Where Are You, Cupid?

I feel like most single women try to brush off Valentine’s Day, hoping to be optimistic about February 14s to come. As a single woman who has spent many a Valentine’s Day alone, I really want to know if I’m allowed to just be bitter.

Yes, I am happy for all of my friends who are in relationships. No, I am not bitter about men who I have broken up with. I’m actually in a pretty solid place in my life, happy with myself and confident that I will not be single forever.

That doesn’t mean that I am excited about this day.

What are single women supposed to do when we are tired of comforting ourselves? What happens when telling ourselves that we don’t need men to feel happy no longer comes as a relief?

Relationship-wise, I consider myself to be pretty optimistic. I am tired of being the object of sympathy, of being patted on the back for being a single woman in a Valentine’s world.

So while I have a girls’ night tonight with my single roommates, I will still be thinking of the fact that I am not with a guy. And no, I will not be crying myself to sleep, but I do look forward to seeing what the future brings. Valentine’s Day for me will be a mixture of hopefulness, friendship, and just a little touch of self-pity.

What about you — what are your plans?