Sex & the Single Woman: A Different Kind of Love Letter

My roommate proposed something to me: men should come with reference lists.

Think about it. We meet a stranger and in a potentially short period of time we commit to spending a potentially long period of time with him. There’s a whole lotta trust built on something that has no guarantee of surviving. Would reference lists up the odds of a good relationship?

Every woman looks at her man’s exes with a raised eyebrow. They usually cannot be trusted, but I think that comes from the assumption that we don’t know the details of their relationships. A reference, however, would provide us with some insight that, in the long run, might save us a lot of time.

There would be drawbacks of course. We deal with biases, bitterness, and broken hearts, all of which could contribute to a bad reference. But if you broke up with someone, wouldn’t you want his next girlfriend to know what she’s getting into?