Sex & the Single Woman: Denied

Last week I bumped into a friend I knew casually about a year ago. We flirted, exchanged numbers and all seemed well. I went to bed that night and woke up with a text the next morning asking what I was doing later. And then everything fell apart.

I responded that I was helping my roommate get ready to move, but hinted I might be free and asked him what was up. Twelve hours later, he shot me a quick response saying he was having a party and I should come. I ended up being too busy to attend, but mentioned meeting up later that week. No response.

I gave one more try later that week, when I was out getting drinks with a group of friends. I texted him to come meet up with us, but again got no response.

I understand rejection. Trust me, I understand it. But is there a point where a rejection is just rude?

We were already friends and run in a similar group of people, so it’s not like we will never see each other again. And all he had to do was politely decline. What’s most confusing is that he initially appeared to be pursuing me. What happened?

I don’t think there was ever an element of playing hard to get, so I don’t think losing the chase matters to him. I think it’s going to be hard for us not to run into each other in the future, so I don’t get why he suddenly disappeared. However, for a girl who has faced a significant amount of rejection, I find it kind of rude.

Is it wrong of me to be miffed over a rude rejection? Should I assume that rejection is inevitably rude? Should we be as considerate as possible in even turning away a simple flirtation?