Sex & the Single Woman: 5 Things . . .

I recently read an article about the 5 Things Single Women Hate to Hear. I thought it was really interesting — and totally true — so I decided to spend this week looking at these five things and how single women can get past them.

Number one on the list is “Maybe You’re Not Trying Hard Enough.”

There are times when I am perfectly happy being single, and there are other times when it’s a bit harder. When I am in the latter state of mind, I would like to think that I am somewhat proactive in the dating game. Regardless, I’m not sitting on my couch, devouring a pint of Chunky Monkey every night.

What else am I expected to do?

Single or attached, it is not one’s place to criticize a woman’s romantic status. If she wants to put herself out there, she will. There is no reason to assume she “isn’t trying hard enough.”