Sex & the Single Woman: Caught Off Guard?

Right now I am taking a moment to enjoy those precious moments when you realize that you have truly flustered a man.

Most guys seem to keep it pretty pulled together and that makes it so much sweeter when you know that you get to them.

Take, for example, a guy I know who is normally very confident. We have flirted a little here and there, but this week I bumped into him unexpectedly. Catching him off-guard, I realize, turned his cool exterior into a considerably less pulled together one. Instead of smoothly finding a way to say hello, he seemed to trip over his words ever so slightly.

And I do not at all feel guilty for enjoying the moment.

As women, we have a tendency to doll ourselves up so much, that I think we forget that sometimes all it takes is one genuinely happy smile to bring our guys to their knees. We should cherish those times when we are makeup free and wearing our grungiest sweats, yet still startle them. We deserve it.