Sex & the Single Woman: A Blessing and a Curse

In general I am a lover of technology. I am addicted to Gmail and an armed robber would have to pry my smartphone from my deathgrip. Yes, I am on Facebook and yes, I tweet, but I am holding out on a few innovations. (iPad, when I have the money, you will be mine!)

While I recognize all of the wonderful perks that come with rapid-developing technology, there is definitely a downside to having access to it 24/7. It certainly presents a conundrum in the dating world.

Take, for instance, a guy I am interested in at the moment. One click on my phone and I instantly have the option of calling him, texting him, emailing him, gchatting him, Facebooking him or Tweeting him. Not to mention his entry in my address book, which updates itself with his latest statuses. And yes, my phone did all of this without my asking.

If I was interested in stalking him constantly (which, thankfully, I am not) this would be extremely helpful. However, for a girl who needs some space to think, or wants to have a night where her phone is not constantly nagging her with his whereabouts, this can be a bit annoying.

Additionally, I find that even skimming through my Twitter feed or Facebook homepage, I am surrounded by reminders of where he has been. Can a girl be guilty of unintentional stalking?

The easy solution would be for me to shut my laptop and switch off my phone, but I immediately hesitate because I don’t want to be out of contact with anyone. And yes, that includes the boy in question.

Despite my love of technology, I kind of wish we were still in the days where we would wait by the phone to see if he would call. Or better yet, be awoken to the sound of rocks hitting the bedroom window.