Sex & the Single Woman: A Kiss is Not Just a Kiss

…at least according to an Aqualung song.

Anyway, I was kissed last weekend, and this kiss made me think about every other kiss I’ve ever had. Okay, maybe not every one, but the one’s with the people who have mattered. I realized one thing: I’ve understood every other kiss.

With every kiss previous, there has been a clear message. Excitement, sadness, curiosity. I’ve understood it at the time and in retrospect. This kiss, however, remains a mystery.

I can make some assumptions about it. It definitely happened for a reason. But the ambiguity of the situation has me intrigued.

This leads me to wonder: what do you do with a mystery kiss? Should I let it go, or allow myself to sit and question it? I know the answer is probably the former, but over-analytical Maggie will most likely conform to the latter.

Now back to Aqualung…