Sex & the Single Woman: A Turn for the Healthier

In light of yesterday’s consumerist-filled post, I’ve decided to reflect on a slightly healthier form of achieving mental clarity. (But, for the record, this does not mean I am returning my slashed leggings.)

I’ve been a runner for almost 13 years, so hitting the open road has become a default exercise of sorts for me. Two marathons, a  few halves and even a weekend with one of each, back-to-back, and I have become a bit addicted to a good endorphin high. Running proves to be one of the best ways for me to calm down because I get fresh air, exercise and generally feel pretty decent afterward, even if I only go out for a mile or two.

Now, that being said, today I will definitely be jamming to a pump up playlist. You have to get your motivation somewhere, right? The best thing about running for me is that its a cyclical relationship: I feel better after a good run, and because I feel better I continue to run, and then I start to build muscle, and then I feel really good…. You get the point.

I guess what I’m getting it is that I know just as much as the next girl what heartbreak is, and I spend way too much time reflecting upon things I can’t change in relationships. The important thing, at least for me, is that I balance this out in a healthy manner. And I encourage alllllll the single ladies to do the same.