Sex & the Single Woman: A Year in Reflection

I once heard that where you are when the new year starts dictates how the next 365 days of your life will be.

Time for a little reflection. At the cusp of 2009, I was definitely single. I was a month or so out of my last relationship, but I was getting a lot closer with a guy who had a lot of potential. When the clock struck midnight, I was definitely not with him, yet he still called to wish me a Happy New Year and to say that he wished we were together.  So yes, I was alone, but not without hope.

Looking over the past year, I have definitely had my ups and downs–with this guy and with other guys.  Nothing ever worked out with New Year’s Guy–we got closer, then much farther apart, and have since found a comfortable “just friends” middle ground.  I was also lucky enough to become closer to a guy who, although things once again didn’t work out between us, is someone who I consider myself incredibly lucky to have in my life today. 

Over the past 12 months, I have reconnected with guys from the past and met some pretty cool new guys too.  I have had my heart broken numerous times–but doesn’t that happen to the best of us?

One of the best parts of dating is that growing so close to another person allows us to expose different parts of ourselves.  I am pleased to say that although this past year has not brought me a current boyfriend, it has brought me a newfound confidence and the curiosity to put myself out there once more.

What a year.