Sex & the Single Woman: Achey Breaky Heart

It’s a sad day when I lay in bed listening to the greatest hits of Billy Ray Cyrus.

Okay, I’m not in that much of a slump. But I am def bummed. I was interested in a guy and we hit it off in a way that I have never hit it off with anyone before. For whatever reason he didn’t seem into it, and even though that hurt, I was able to try and ignore the knife in my heart.

. . . until he twisted it last night.

I was talking to one of his friends and found out he’s seeing someone else. Someone years younger than us (read: too young) and it doesn’t sit well with me that he would choose that over the chemistry we have.

Yes, it’s egotistical. But that doesn’t stop me from really, really being hurt.

Heartbreak is hard enough, especially when you resort to YouTube-ing videos of a guy in a mullet rhyming the words “achey” and “breaky.” I’m trying to at least be classy about this, which basically translates to eating chocolate chip cookies and listening to Ella Fitzgerald.

Hey, it may not make him fall for me, but it will help me get over him.