Sex & the Single Woman: Affirmation

When do you feel your absolute best? I’m talking high-confidence, best mentality possible moment?

For me, it’s right after I work out. I think it’s a magical combination of me pushing myself physically, knowing that I am doing it for myself and no one else, mixed with the slow appearance of toned muscle in my arms and legs. I love that I can wear gross shorts and my sweat-stained t-shirts from freshman year of college, with no makeup and my hair in full-on grease mode, and I can still feel amazing.

It doesn’t hurt that working out helps cancel out those times when I go to have a small snack and end up eating the entire bag of Doritos in one sitting.

The absolute best part is that the awesome feeling lingers all day in the form of slight muscle aches and those good ‘ol endorphins. Aaaand because I feel so good and so happy, it’s not hard to get into the habit of working out every day. Win-win situation.

What about you? When are you at your absolute best?