Sex & the Single Woman: All My Little Words

Last night my roommate and I were talking about a girl she knows from her hometown. The girl has been dating a guy on and off for years, but no one in her family approves. The guy broke up with her when she lost her job, but turned around and got back together with her when she got a new job. Now he is without a job, but living with her in her new apartment.

Gold digger? I’m thinking so.

My roommate told me the problem is that no one in the family knows how to tell her how much they disapprove. It’s understandable, that’s not an easy thing to say to someone. At the same time, he clearly uses her and that is not going to change anytime soon.

Something has to be done eventually–the question on my mind is when. Will she eventually figure out this guy is no good, or will she make a huge mistake?