Sex & the Single Woman: All the Single Ladies!

Put your hands up!

Okay, I might not be Beyonce, but I am a single lady and that means one thing . . . girls night! Tonight I am hitting the town with a few of my single roommates for a full-on girly extravaganza. It’s rare that we all dig out our heels and spit some game, but I’m hoping tonight we can make it happen.

And for all of you who are following the drama revolving my stress fracture boot . . . Yes, I have found a heel compatible with it. And, yes, I will be wearing one boot and one heel. I’m sure I will be pushing the men away.

The important part of this is that I’m excited to have what every single girl needs now and then — a night to just relax. Dinner, drinks, and maybe some dudes. We’ll see where the night takes me.

(Also, this is a perfect chance to experiment with the Cosmo article I read!)