Sex & the Single Woman: All the Words

Last week, one of my roommates told me about a friend of hers who did the ultimate ballsy move: she confessed her feelings to a guy she had liked for years.

The two were close friends, but as we all know, sometimes it is impossible to keep those feelings platonic. So she did the thing that we all secretly wish we could do: she was honest.

I have had my fair share of ballsy moments, but I have to admit I have never straight up admitted to a guy I wasn’t dating that I felt that way. And I am pretty in awe.

Of course, my immediate reaction is “What happened?!” Unfortunately, the guy did not feel the same way, and he said they could definitely remain friends. As far as the aftermath goes, she wasn’t sure if telling him made her feel any better.

I look at the situation this way. She knows now that she has done all that she can do, and the ball is in court. He has room to act if he should choose to do so. At the very least, she knows she was completely honest with him.

Have you ever done what I consider to be one of the ballsiest things a single woman can do?