Sex & the Single Woman: An Affair to Remember

A little over a week ago one of my roommates broke up with her boyfriend of two years. Seeing as this was right before Valentine’s Day, the devastation was even worse than expected. She joked that she needed a rebound and we decided that it should be one of my guy friends who she didn’t know very well.

Last night, we made it happen.

We all happened to be at a party together and I formally introduced the two. One thing led to another and they ended up going out dancing and back to his place. She came home this morning, ecstatic that they talked for hours and really hit it off.

He went to Greece with me last summer, so I know him well enough to verify that he’s a fantastic guy. He’s sweet, funny and exactly what she needs right now. I could not be happier for her.

The question right now is what is going to happen next. She got his number and since they have so many mutual friends, they are bound to see each other again. I can see him being the kind of guy who is looking for a relationship right now, even though she is still getting over her ex.

What I want to know is what does it take to make a rebound go right? Is it better to rebound with someone you won’t see again or to forge a connection with him?

Either way, I’m excited to see where this goes.