Sex & the Single Woman: An Aha! Moment, Of Sorts

While Oprah’s Aha! moments tend to be a bit more momentous than oh, say, my love life, I still would like to think I have one every now and then. Recently I was thinking back to a guy I liked back in college and a conversation we had about the future. Of course at that age everyone has lofty goals for what they want for themselves, some more plausible than others.

He and I both had goals. Me, being the Type A nut that I am, had a budget and a game plan to make it happen. He, being the slightly less neurotic personality, had even bigger dreams and even less motivation.

One day, while we were sharing our mutual dreams (whilst laying in a field of daisies and staring at the clouds. Just kidding.) I told him about wanting to become a writer and all of my goals. While I admit they were not easy to attain, I felt like my realistic plan grounded them. He, however, felt differently.

Cue my Aha! moment.

After listening to him talk about what he wants for his life and completely supporting him, I was shocked to hear him follow my goals by saying, “Eh, well, everyone has dreams.”

Excuse me. I will not support you, only for you to turn around and put down what I want for myself. Game over.

And while I still spent months pining over things not working out, I walked away knowing one thing. Yes, my dreams may not always be realistic, and, yes, having a strategy won’t always help. But if you can’t support me in my efforts to try and make it happen, there is no room for you in my life.