Sex & the Single Woman: Are Love Letters a Thing of the Past?

loveletterBonjour! Yours truly is just back from a trip to Paris, where I reconnected with an old friend from high school. This guy had a funny dating story. Apparently last year he was dating a girl long-distance (he was in France, she was in the States) when he had a romantic proposal:

He was going to have to go to the south of France for a few weeks, so he suggested that during that time they communicate only by writing letters.

My response: Awwww.

Her response: She dumped him.

Though he wrote her two letters in three weeks (and was working on a third one, he claims), she felt that him not calling her daily was a dumpable offense. I think she’s crazy – I would LOVE it if a guy wrote me a letter, so long as it’s not a Dear John one – but I suppose some girls need more TLC than others.

What do you think? Would you rather get a letter or a phone call from your beau?

-Erin xx