Sex & the Single Woman: At Last

Lately I have been constantly attending the Maggie Pity Party when it comes to relationships. Annoyance, frustration and just plain exhaustion are common themes in my dating world. Because of the general downward direction things have been going in my own life, it makes me really happy when great things happen for other people.

The case in point is a girl I recently met with whom I have become very close. She and I instantly bonded over guy issues (what girls don’t?) and have since been each other’s sources of advice and comfort.

Her main dilemma came from not knowing the intent of a guy she’s interested in. I’ve known him for awhile and all of his actions signaled that he is warm for her form. Unfortunately, as is the case in any situation like this, my reassurance can only go so far. Ultimately, she needed an answer from him.

…and last night she got that answer. Whooo baby, they’re dating!

As I am well aware, the dating world has a whole lotta downs, but it’s moments like these that make it worth it. If two great people can find each other, then it’s a reassurance to me that eventually it will all work out. At least, that’s what the romantic in me is insisting. And if not, I can still be happy for those who did find something special.