Sex & the Single Woman: Bad Boyfriend in Barbados

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My ex-boyfriend used to deal drugs before we met but cleaned up his act up and got a real job. Then his dad found out that he was being investigated by the DEA. His mom is from Barbados so his dad sent him to live with his mom’s family. I went to visit him and he begged me to move down there. I stupidly put everything in storage and moved down there.

badboyfriend2Somewhere between me visiting and actually moving there, he changed his mind but decided not to tell me until I was there. When I got there he said “Alright let’s try it and see how it goes.” I can’t believe I didn’t leave then—what did he mean, try it? I had just changed my entire life for him.

After a couple of months I finally decided I was going back to the States and had booked a flight—in three weeks, I would be out of there. Then there was this hideously unattractive girl. I thought she liked him but never did I think there was something really going on. We were spending every night together so I have no idea when he had time to fit her in, but he did. One night she showed up at our place late at night with a bunch of her friends and demanded he choose between her and me. It was the worst night of my life. He had been sleeping with her and telling her we weren’t even together anymore. I tried to make them leave but they wouldn’t so I called the police. They finally left and my boyfriend said it was a huge mistake and that I was too important to him. He pleaded with me to forgive him. He said we could get past this.

I had nowhere to go. It’s such a small island that if I went to one of my friend’ houses he would have followed me and made a huge scene, so I was forced to spend the next three weeks with him before I left. I could go on and on because of course it didn’t end there, but the point of my story is that the three months I spent in Barbados were the worst three months of my life. They changed my life and he stole a piece of me that I will never get back. Fortunately, I have a much better boyfriend now and I appreciate him now more because of what happened.