Sex & the Single Woman: Bad Dates

Let’s talk about…bad dates.

baddateWe’ve all had them. Some of us (cough, cough) have had more than our share. So let’s hear those tales of woe. Did he hit on the waitress and pretend to leave his wallet at home? Did he get wasted and chase you around like Benny Hill drenched in Axe body spray? Spill the dirty details.

Here’s mine: Date 1 had gone okay, but I’d been gone for three months for a summer internship, so when I returned, I wasn’t exactly that keen for Date 2. Nevertheless, I agreed, even though I had just started seeing someone else (I know!). So this guy takes me to play pool, which I hate because I am terrible at pool. Naturally, he took the opportunity to keep wrapping his arms around me to “show me how to work the cue.” Ugh. I batted him away. The pissier I felt, the worse my playing got, and finally he agreed that we could leave.

But when Loverboy was driving me home, he passed my exit. “Um, I live over there,” I said, panicking. He had other ideas—a nightcap at his house. Needless to say, I wasn’t pleased. Nor was I pleased when we entered his apartment—decorated in Sesame Street and Toy Store memorabilia, by the way—and he turned on a particularly raunchy episode of “Sex and the City.” Readers, there is nothing worse than having to watch people having sex while sitting with someone who wants to have sex with you, but you wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. He made his move, I leaped away, and confessed to liking someone else.

His response: Pure anger. He acted as though I had been cheating on him (we’d been on one date three months prior, remember?), and then said he driving me home (hooray!). He didn’t say a single word to me in the car…not that I minded. I may have done a cartwheel the second I got inside my house.

Alright…so let’s hear your stories!

-Erin xx

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