Sex & the Single Woman: Baiting

I have a problem. I bait men.

Lately I have been noticing that even if I don’t like a guy, I will put myself in a position for him to talk to me, just so I can strike on our chemistry. For example, the other day I texted the guy who I have been famously (at least amongst my group of friends) almost dating for the past three years. Even though I’m in the former swing of the off-and-on pattern we’re trapped in, I know that our chemistry is always switched to “on.” I knew that heavy flirting would engage, even though I’m not interested in anything more than that. Yet I did it anyway.

Why is this?

Almost every other woman I know taken part in some form of baiting. It’s part of the games we play. (Have I mentioned I HATE games?) I’m sure a guy or two has senselessly baited me over the years too.

I think, at least as far as I am concerned, my baiting comes from a boredom. From a lack of other guys to meaningfully flirt with. If there are truly other fish in the sea, then I see no need to bait the ones that I know will bite.