Sex & the Single Woman: Balancing Act

Today one of my friends came over to talk about a problem she is having with a man she has been seeing for the past three months. Thus far, everything has been perfect — he is exactly what she is looking for and, until recently, she thought she was exactly what he wanted.

This past week, however, there have been nothing but conversations about change. Her needing to be less outgoing, to not pressure him to get to know her friends. The bottom line, she says, is that he doesn’t want compromise, but for her to fit a mold.

With things going so great until this point, she is stuck on what to do. She recognizes that she shouldn’t change for a guy, but at the same time she wants to make the relationship work. Originally she was supposed to drive six hours to meet his family, but now she thinks that’s a bad idea.

She understands that compromise is necessary in a relationship, but she is questioning his need for her to change. How much should a woman compromise for a relationship? At what point does she draw the line?