Sex & the Single Woman: Basic Instinct?

Pretty much every day I admit that I over think things. Over think everything, in fact, when it comes to relationships. I can’t help it — overanalysis is a hobby. Because of that oh-so-fabulous quality I possess, I completely understood when one of my friends told me she was worried that she might be reading too much into a situation. Or rather, that it would turn out that she wasn’t reading too much into a situation.

She starting dating a fabulous guy almost two months ago. I am obsessed with obsessing over how I happy I am for them (and she gracefully bares it) because they both are perfect for each other. Sigh. Anyway, she was worried because it seemed like things were strained between her and the guy. Mind you, they were texting, so the chances of things being perceived wrong are pretty good, but she still instinctively felt that he was distant. Not good.

As the girl who stresses if a guy doesn’t text me back in five seconds, I told her that he was probably distracted. She agreed, but admitted usually when things feel strained, they go downhill and it’s the beginning of the end. Understandable. As it turns out, he was distracted, as she found out later that night when he called her. They talked for awhile, and there was never anything wrong.

Looking at this situation, I completely understood her instinct. We perceive things like texts way more in depth than dudes, so it makes sense that she would be worried. At what point, however, do we draw the line between trusting our instinct and trusting our significant other?