Sex & the Single Woman: Becoming More Than “Just Friends”


I am a victim of habit. When it comes to dating, I always start off being good friends with the guy. I have heard that this is encouraged because you build a strong foundation and whatnot. I think that is all a load of crap.

What brought me to this realization is a somewhat recent “date.” I was in that gloriously awkward transitional phase with a guy where we knew we were more than friends but had never really discussed it. How terribly middle school.

Being the strong, assertive 21st-century woman that I am, I shamelessly hinted that we should go see a movie until he finally asked me out. I felt like the most accurate way to determine his stance on the situation was to see if he offered to pay. He pays, it’s a date. He doesn’t pay, I feel like an idiot, go home and cry into my pint of Half Baked Ben & Jerry’s.

The conclusion: he paid with a gift card.


Going from being friends to, well, more than friends is hard enough, but for him to further encrypt our already confusing relationship was completely unnecessary. Us girls don’t ask for much—if you like us, just take out your wallet and pay for our movie ticket…with actual money. We’ll be so happy that we’ll even offer to spring for the popcorn (but if you really like us, you’ll insist on paying for that too). Just please, cut it with the mixed signals.