Sex & the Single Woman: Before He Cheats


This month is the anniversary of the end of a relationship for me. In short, the guy ended up going on a hook up spree while we were still seeing each other exclusively. As you can imagine, I was less than thrilled. As much as I wanted to take a baseball bat to his car, Carrie Underwood-style, I managed to more or less keep my anger under control. Luckily, I got over him pretty fast and can honestly say that I am much better for having him out of my life.

With that said, however, I am mystified by one aspect of this situation. A year after the incident, he is still in a relationship. The girl? Number three on the hook up spree. I have met her and really like her, so my problem isn’t with her. It is with karma.

How does a guy who treats girls wrongly end up with a great girlfriend and manage to keep her for a year?

I don’t think it’s fair at all that he can find a girl by means of lying and deception. And to hold on to her for so long? It just doesn’t make sense. It certainly isn’t going to make him think twice before he cheats.

I wonder if he ever told her about me, or if she has any idea about his shenanigans before they got together. The start of their relationship was a drunk hook up, so she might have some idea. Maybe not.

How many women are dating men who are closet cheaters?