Sex & the Single Woman: Blast from the Past

On Sunday, I went to see the Fourth of July fireworks in my hometown. While I am not exactly from the middle of nowhere, this place definitely exudes a small-town feel. Case in point: I ran into people with whom I went to high school.

It seems like just yesterday I was skidding down the linoleum floors, trying to make it to my locker before my first class. It wasn’t that long ago that I dressed up for homecoming games, or bought gross cafeteria food, or hung out in the parking lot after school. Yet that period in my life is long gone.

What really drove this home for me is that one of the girls I saw is pregnant. While this isn’t that uncommon, and she certainly isn’t the first girl from my class to have kids, it struck me that she is still with her high school sweetheart. I can’t imagine how my life would be different if I was still dating someone from high.

What about you–are you still with your high school sweetheart?