Sex & the Single Woman: Blips on the Radar?

I am the type of girl who relies a lot on her instincts when it comes to dating. It takes a lot for me to fall hard for a guy, but when I do, it’s because my instincts immediately tell me “This is it.” The problem I’m encountering now is that I have trouble letting go when the signs show that my things might not be working out.

For example, I briefly dated a guy a few years ago, and as soon as we started dating, I knew I would be willing to eventually uproot my life for him if things worked out. Even though things didn’t end up working out, he is still one of my best friends. Despite the fact that we will never date, I still feel like my instincts were right on par.

In more recent times, I met a guy almost a year ago and immediately felt a crazy connection. Even though our feelings for each other go up and down and we have never actually dated, I can’t accept the fact that my instincts were wrong.

It seems weird to me that I have never been able to make a relationship work with the two guys for whom I have felt the strongest feelings. I justify my instincts because I am very close friends with both of these guys, but that still makes me wonder if my radar might be a little off.