Sex & the Single Woman: Boyfriend or Best Friend?

If there are no set rules for dating a guy, than there are certainly no set rules for when you break up with him. In most cases, this can be okay—both parties move on, you occasionally see each other, that’s the end.

Or is it?

What happens when you get past the stages of confusion and sadness? What happens if you both move on romantically, but still remain friends? Can you remain friends?

With almost every guy I’ve dated, I’ve stayed close friends after the relationship ended. Is this a sign of true maturity, or complete naïveté? I’m still trying to figure out the boundaries, but the lack of rules makes this a bit tricky.

I like to think that I can still be friends with a guy after we break up, but I’m also wondering if maybe this is not such a good idea. Do you stay friends with your exes, or is it better to just forget about them?