Sex & the Single Woman: Breakin’ It Down

In the spirit of emotionally moving on from a certain guy, I decided to do something I’ve never done before: a pro/con list. While I spend much of my time compartmentalizing my feelings, I’ve never sat down and made a straight up list of reasons why a guy is wrong for me. And honestly? I surprised myself with the results.

In the initial go-around, there were more Pros than Cons. Unexpected. However, when I looked at the weight of each item, it became clear that the Cons were more significant than the Pros.  For example, Pro: Really cool watch; Con: Still carrying baggage from past relationships. I happen to love guys who can rock a nice watch, but that in no way makes up for the emotional haze he’s constantly muddling through.

Other items on the list proved to be just as important. I noted mistakes he made in past relationships, mistakes he made with me and overall character-defining traits. One thing I was very strict about, though, was making sure my Cons were all fact (I.e. “He dumped his ex via text,” as opposed to “He might still be in love with his ex.”)

Right now the current standings have three more Cons, but whether or not the list changes, my mind hasn’t. I’m proud to be firm in my decision to move on, despite