Sex & the Single Woman: Breaking Barriers or Increasing Awkwardness?

Hope is on the horizon.

A new guy has entered the scene and right now the prospects are looking promising. Now I don’t want to jinx myself (and yes, I do believe in jinxes) but I think this one might have potential to turn into something.

Over the weekend I ran into him (yesssssss) and I think things went pretty well (double yesss!).  The only possible issue was one that is present in many social events: alcohol.

Now whether a person drinks or not doesn’t matter to me. I completely understand the benefit of a little liquid courage. However, I am intrigued by how much of an effect the alcohol can have.

In this case, it definitely broke down some barriers and just relaxed the mood in general. I think we were both a little nervous and it was good to kill the tension.

In some cases, though, I wonder if it really is beneficial to drink at all, even if it is just a glass of wine or two. Does it encourage you to go too far out on a limb? Do you get too relaxed? Will the next time you see each other be just a touch awkward?

Luckily, I ran into the guy the next day (triple yesss!) and things were, amazingly, even better than before.

But what do you think–is it better to completely leave alcohol out of any dating situation when you are still getting to know a guy?