Sex & the Single Woman: Buckle Up!

It finally hit me that I somehow managed to climb aboard an emotional rollercoaster without even realizing it. I’ve admitted that I have a “nurse curse” — that is, I see people with problems and take them on myself, thinking I can solve them. I’m usually wrong.

It seems this nurse curse has taken a new turn. One of my close guy friends has been through a lot in the past year and it’s really taken a toll on him. He’s doing well, but still dealing with it. I care about him a lot, and maybe that’s why I’m constantly concerned for him. I don’t even want to solve his problems, just to be there for him if he needs me.

This has transitioned into moodiness from him. Angsty comments and constant apologies. I’m along for the ride on his emotional rollercoaster and its gaining speed.

In cases like this, what is a girl to do? Jumping off doesn’t seem fair, and I genuinely want to support him. It doesn’t help that as a girl, I find appeal in guys who can open up and talk to me. At the same time, continual moodiness exhausts me. Where do I draw the line?