Sex & the Single Woman: Calling His Bluff


He’s baaaaaaack.

Yes, that’s right. The fabled Elevator Boy who I was prepared to write out of my life has made a second appearance, and it looks like he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Here’s the deal with him: I’m sure he can be a really great guy sometimes, and generally I like hanging out with him. Sadly, he has that oh-too-familiar trait found in guys where he thinks that acting cocky and arrogant makes him devastatingly irresistible to women everywhere. (Two words: TURN. OFF).

Last Saturday he was in rare form. His jokes were awkward, and not in a laughable way, but in a sleazy, wow you just crossed the line and made me feel threatened kind of way. Being the feminist I am, and hearing this type of jargon from him way too often, I decided to do something. I called his bluff.

I challenged him to follow through on the lines he was throwing down. Promising to make a move? Insisting that the night won’t end without me hooking up with someone (namely, him)? Fine. BRING IT.

Conclusion: Elevator Boy was all talk.

This whole situation raises a number of questions. Why do guys feel like acting like a jerk is ever okay? Why can’t guys just in general ever follow through with what they say? Did Elevator Boy learn his lesson, and will he maybe try to be a little classier next weekend? I guess I’ll have to wait and see.