Sex & the Single Woman: Can Hook-Ups Start Relationships?

Random Hook Up

If there is one rule for hook-ups, it is just that: they are hook-ups. No commitment is expected.

One of my roommates may be proving me wrong. Last spring she had a random hook-up and it went right. Instead of creeping out of his room in the middle of the night, she stayed with him until the next afternoon and the rest is history.

I don’t understand how one can so easily overcome the awkwardness of simultaneously waking up next to a stranger and combating a serious hangover, let alone building a solid relationship. In the case of my roommate, she actually found a guy who was willing to (sometimes) step back from the physical and just talk. Sounds promising, yes?

Originally I was going to drone on for a little while longer about how hook-ups can lead to lifelong love, but my roommate literally just walked in and told me she and the aforementioned guy just ended things for good. I guess it doesn’t work after all.