Sex & the Single Woman: “Can I Borrow You?”

My roommates and I went out to celebrate Halloween, and one of our pit stops was to dance. Well, to be in a venue where dancing occurs. Most of us just stood around, people watching and talking.

At one point in the night, a guy came up to one of my roommates–who happened to be dressed as a beautiful Lady Gaga–and asked her to dance. More specifically, he asked to “borrow” her. First, she has a boyfriend. Second, she doesn’t dance.

Gaga kindly told him no, but homeboy didn’t take a hint. He asked again, and she told him she has a boyfriend. This still didn’t deter him.

What is confusing to me is why he pushed her when she made it clear she was unavailable and not interested. Is his ego that big or does he just not get the point?