Sex & the Single Woman: Case of the Ex, Pt. II

I was prepared to write a fully optimistic post after yesterday’s slightly more somber one, but The Ex is making it a little hard to do. He is in full-on mystery mode and I am not okay with it.

Lately, it appears we are becoming friends. As in, talk a lot, hang out a lot, talk about his ex-fiancée and current girlfriend bond. No, I am not the one initiating these conversation topics. To add another layer of confusion to this whole mess, The Ex chose Valentine’s Day to ask me about my own relationship status . . . and to imply that he wants something more.

First, if he is seeing somebody and mentions her all of the time, shouldn’t he be with her? And not care about me?

Second, if he wants to make a move, he knows darn well I am single. Make it.

Third, if he is seeing someone, at what point is it not cool for us to be talking this much? It’s all harmless, but I feel like there must be an undercurrent of us both remembering what once was.

I’m all for being friends with exes, and I promise I’m not mad at him anymore. In fact, I’m 99.9% over him. I just don’t like this game of mystery.

The current game plan is to wait it out and hope I get some clarity. In the meantime, The Ex better figure out what he wants and fast. I’m not going to wait forever.