Sex & the Single Woman: Case of the Ex

Just when I think I am in the clear, things start to get murky again. Last night I went to karaoke night with the same group of guys who invited me to my ex’s new girlfriend’s birthday last week. My ex was also present, but I am relieved to say that things were actually . . . good.

I have a tendency to be extremely awkward at all times, so putting me in this situation is bound to produce tragic results. I was extremely surprised when we sat together, talking like it was the olden days, minus any sexual tension. I stepped back and got that whoosh of realizing that I’m finally completely over him and we could just relax.

Not so fast, Maggie.

He bought me a drink, and then we proceeded to sing a duet together, and then the whole group went out dancing. One thing led to another and all of the sudden I found us in the same old teasing banter, just a little too friendly for friends. Not good.

Nothing happened, thank goodness, but the night served as a reminder that I am still capable of relapsing. While I want to be friends with him, part of me has to be on my guard. I can’t assume that things will be normal because there is always a huge chance that they will never be. And I don’t want to slip up.

What about you — do you find yourself stricken with a case of the ex?