Sex & the Single Woman: Chain Reaction?

Since so many of my relationships are sprung from “good friend”-ships, I am intrigued by the process of going from friends to, well, more than friends.

Of course, there is the mythical “Friend Zone,” in which we place our friends of the opposite sex. It’s a one way road — once they’re in, they can see out, but can’t leave. Is it true that 99 percent of our friends are coerced into this label without having any say in the situation? I would like to say it isn’t, but at the same time it takes a lot for me to really like someone. (Read: most of my guy friends I can’t ever see myself dating …)

But what happens when you do find someone special? What is the transition then? For me, it’s always come as a rush. Suddenly we’re hanging out all the time, talking all the time, doing “just friends” things … But more often. And then there’s the chemistry. All of the sudden you’re in a room together and you can feel it.

Is there a science behind growing to be more than friends? Or is it simply an unexplained mystery?