Sex & the Single Woman: Change of Tide

Once I get an idea about a guy in my head, it’s usually pretty firm.  Even though I have a tendency to make snap judgments, I am not one to quickly change them.

That being said, it’s very weird that I find myself hardcore eating my words. One of my guy friends has always been a bit saucy toward me and I can’t say it rubs me the right way. I am very stubborn and sometimes quick to argue, and he has an innate sense of knowing just how to push my buttons.

This weekend, though, I learned that I might have been too soon to make a judgment about him. I had a rough couple of nights, both in terms of things I did and trouble my friends were having, and without me saying a word he was extremely supportive.

I was surprised just because he is does not always act like the type of guy who will sit and comfort a stressed girl, but yet he did and refused to even listen to my endless gratitude.

I’m curious to see where this goes — will he remain in the position of sweet guy or revert back to cocky boy?