Sex & the Single Woman: Changing Priorities

The good news:  I had plans for a date yesterday.

The bad news: Instead, I flew home on a last-minute flight to Texas to see my grandmother, who is in the hospital.

My grandmother was written off for dead on Friday, but has been hanging in there (she’s a tough cookie, that one). So I’m grateful that I’m able to come down and see her one last time.

Of course, I did feel a bit cheeky leaving a text for this guy and postponing the date. It seems like sick grandmas are as much of a go-to excuse as “I have to wash my hair.” Luckily, he understood and we’ll meet up when I get back.

If we don’t, well, it doesn’t really matter all that much. Right now all I care about is family. Dates can wait.

-Erin xx