Sex & the Single Woman: ‘Cheesy’ Pick Up Line?

Answering my own question . . . Yes.

I am referring to my roommate and a guy she has been hooking up with. More specifically, I am referring to the line he used to try and lure her back to his place last weekend.

Granted, the girl likes pizza. Who doesn’t? And a guy with pizza? Even better. But unfortunately for homeboy, he made one crucial mistake. He got bacon pizza.

“I HATE bacon,” she said the next morning as she was relaying the story back to me. “That killed it for me.”

“If it was pepperoni, would the situation have ended differently?” I asked.

She paused. “Most likely.”

Now I think my roommate deserves better than takeout pizza, but since it is clearly a viable tool for seduction, there is a lesson to be learned here.

Get the right pizza.

Guys, if you want to appeal to her, make sure you know the kind of pizza she likes. Apparently, nothing kills the mood faster than the wrong ‘za. It certainly didn’t help him.

. . . but for the record, bacon is just fine with me.